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How to define a perfect vacation?

A vacation is literally defined as:

1-Vacate-remove, change, leave, depart
2-Tion:-the act or action of doing

So a vacation is to remove yourself from someplace, something or to change your routine or habits.  

The non-literal definition:

The time that you can take a break from the things in your life that are overwhelming, stressful and take time away from the things you wish you could do and fill your time with the things you need and want to do.

A Perfect Vacation isn’t one thing or one aspect or one place or type.  Instead the perfect vacation is the fulfillment of the definition above and to return in a better condition and frame of mind than before you left.  It is the sum of everything related to and connected with your vacation.

A checklist for the perfect vacation:

1. Needs are addressed-
This means the things in life that are negatively impacting your health, well-being and relationships are restored, healed and/or acted on.  For example, if you feel stressed most of the time, a vacation that is specifically designed to eliminate stress is addressing a need.

2.  Wants are addressed.
This means doing more of the things or thing you enjoy but don’t have time for or doing something new that you have always wanted to do or see.  Time and arrangements are made to do at least one of the things on your list

3. Planning is stress-free and easy
A vacation that is stressful and overwhelming as it’s being planned reduces the overall benefits and when it’s too overwhelming or stressful, decisions are made out of exhaustion and the need to finish and move on.

4.  You are prepared
Responsibilities and obligations are completed in advance so you can begin your vacation in a more relaxed mindset.

5.  During your vacation, you were mindful and present
Out of habit, we move through life in an almost unconscious state or in the past and future, forgetting to notice the now moment.  Taking time to be mindful and to savor the moments of awe, enhance your vacation and enhance the value of the memories throughout life.

6. You have prepared and arranged for your return to be welcoming and stress-free.
Take care of things in advance when possible so you aren’t met with a mountain of work or tasks to complete, undoing the benefits of your vacation.



Our VIP Vacations takes care of each step listed plus specific tips, ideas and suggestions to make your trip begin and end in the best possible way and state of mind.  To start your perfect vacation, call 1877-36-I-TRAVEL or send an email to request your free consultation today.

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