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Disney World, stressfree and affordable


How to have a Disney world vacation affordable, fun and yes,

even relaxing.  This may sound like an oxymoron, but it's all the the

planning and setting realistic expectations.

First things first:

1)  Decide if your kids are the right age?  
To start with, make sure your kids are the right age to fully appreciate \the experience and remember it.  One of the highlights of this magical vacation are the memories and if your child is too young, it can be overwhelming and exhausting.  

Once you have decided the timing is right and your kids are at that perfect age where they can enjoy the parks, it’s time to start thinking about the trip.  If you can plan a time when kids are typically in school, take your kids out, you will save money and less crowds mean more fun.  Although taking kids out of school is often looked down up and a lot of families wouldn’t consider it.  There are benefits to doing this and most schools, in the early years are flexible with advanced planning.

2) Start planning and budgeting for the trip. 

 While the high end of a Disney Vacation can be much more than a typical family wants to spend, there are ways, just as time frame, you can budget and save.  What is important to keep in mind is you want the trip to be fun so where to save and how is a big factor.  
I have seen families limit their stay to 3 or 4 days and getting the one park pass for each day.  By the time they return home everyone is exhausted, including the kids.  The common feedback I hear is it was exhausting, expensive and glad they did it but wouldn’t again.

3) Make sure you have enough time to spend there.

With so much to see, it’s nearly impossible to see it all in 3 or 4 days or even a week, at least not comfortably.  Know this and your expectations will be realistic and you won’t feel pressured to rush through everything just to say you did it.
Far better to pick and choose what matters and take the time to enjoy those things and accept you may miss some others.  

4) Think about what your kids like.

Designing the vacation around what your kids like will enhance the experience, lower stress and running around and increase the value of your entire vacation.
Start going through the parks and see what is offered that your kids like and begin an itinerary, featuring these things.  If you had two boys, the Princess Experience may not wow them but How to be a Pirate with Jack Sparrow could be fantastic.

5)  Planning in advance, becomes a lesson in life and family bonding.

It may be possible to wait until closer in to see if there are any deals but what you may save and may end up spending more on, isn’t worth the benefits of planning far in advance.  Once you start the planning, you not only have time to save but the entire period before you go is an opportunity to get the whole family involved and share in the excitement.
Involve the kids in saving money as well, which is a learning experience and helps them understand sometimes in life we need to give up on one thing to get something we want more later.  Have them come up with ways they can help save.  Let them make some decisions in the moment as well.  If they ask for a toy while you’re out, have them think about it and decide is the toy that important or would they want to use that money while away?  Keep track of the money they saved and let them use it for what they want, within limits.  
Take time as a family and go through the different parks, shows, rides and even the character experiences and let each person make their list of must see and do’s.
Another list may be the if we can do it and a 3rd list would include family activities that are important to include as well as the parents must/want to do list.

6) Travel consultant involvement.  

Working with Disney a lot of people think it’s the same going through an agent or direct however with so many details and decisions to make, using the services of someone in the industry can save time and money.  Even if there is a fee involved, the benefit of the service typically far exceeds the cost.


At Concierge and VIP Travel, we work with you on the planning, budgeting and offer options and suggestions that would help make this vacation the experience it should be, magical.


What would a budget friendly trip like this cost?

Starting are $2759.00, 5 night package total for a family of 4, including:

Round trip airfare from east coast, including NY

5 nights off site

5 day parkhopper pass for 4

Transfers from airport to the hotel and back

Complimentary shuttle from the hotel to the parks, running every 15 minutes


The price is based on low season, early December (great value and park decorated for the holidays)




 This is based on low season and includes airfare from several East Coast Cities.  
Included in the package is:

Round trip airfare, subject to availability and pricing when booked.
Round trip transfers to the hotel-off site.  There are several hotels off site that are offering complimentary shuttle to the park, every 15 minutes.
Park hopper pass for 5 days.  This allows you’re the fast pass plus you can come and go to each park or several during you stay.
Basic planning services:
A schedule of activities based on list of must and want to do activities provided.  
Reserving and ticketing air, hotel, park passes. 
Contact us today to book your Disney Vacation.
Option 2, Disney Resort stay, Park hopper plus, including water park and base meal plan, $4127 for a family of 4, 5 nights.
This includes all the parks, multiple entry, multiple parks along with the Water Parks, Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and Oak Trail, Golf course.
Meal Plan includes 2 quick service meals with drink per person per day, 2 snack options per person per day at the parks and refillable mug for drinks.
Price based on Coronado Springs

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