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Multi -Generation and Family experiences.

Family Experiences

Something most of us grew up with, whether is was a weekend camping trip, week at the beach or something more exotic like a cruise or trip to Europe.  Just because it is something we may have done often or we do every year doesn't make it any less special or important.  With our personalization, we work with you to find the best option for your families interest.  Maybe one of the kids is fascinated by wildlife and including something where you can share this interest makes your vacation all the more special.  Maybe it is traveling to an area where they speak the language your kids are learning. 

It could be finding balance so the kids can experience their the grown up activities fun while the 

adults take part in the grown up  


By knowing a little bit about each family member,

we can customize the vacation that meets and     

exceeds their expectations.

By knowing a little bit about each family member, we can customize the vacation that meets and exceeds their expectations.  There isn't one size fits all and even one destination or a cruise (great for family vacations) differs by line, time of year and even ship.  Let our expertise and experience guide you to the best experience for your family.

Multi-Generation experiences.


These are some of the most rewarding packages and experiences I have been lucky enough to be a part of.  In almost every multi-generational vacation it is the parents bringing their kids, grand kids, great grand kids.


The one common thread upon the return is the sense of pride, love and joy it was having all these generations together, having fun.

We can work with every budget and coordinate travel for family members who live in different areas.  We even have customized gifts that can be purchased and sometimes provided complimentary that add to the personalization of this experience.

When it comes to satisfying so many different ages, interests and activity levels, cruising is the ideal choice.  Since there are so many difference in the lines and ships these days and even in the type of rooms being offered, working one on one with us insure you are on the right cruise for your family.

Imagine the entire family, all the generations having dinner together (no bill at the end if on a cruise or all inclusive) and the kids rush off to rehearse for the talent show the next day.  The parents relax with a drink at the piano lounge and even participate while the grand-parents linger after dinner, relaxing with a cup of coffee, take a  stroll on deck and meet up for the comedy show that was reserved in advance.  After the show, the kids are picked up from their camp and turn in for the night, all excited for the next day and the activities that are planned.  

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