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Free offer, Vacation review

Your vacation is important, you count the months, then weeks and finally the days until the big day.  Our free vacation review offer audits your vacation to make sure you have the best options, best price and you have everything you need.  

It’s through experiences we enrich our lives and create memories that last a lifetime.  An investment in an experience is an investment that is guaranteed to increase, through memories, the bonds we create or deepen and through opening our world up to gain new perspectives.  Your vacation is an experience and with your investment of money and time, doesn’t it make sense to get the most out of both? 

Vacations are unique because they not only enrich our lives through the experiences, but they are good for your health.  Taking vacations on a regular basis reduces stress, increase productivity and give you the opportunity to step back and see life from a wider perspective.

Concierge and VIP travel isn’t your typical travel company, in fact, we are more of an experience company centered around travel.  That means from the moment you start planning your vacation until you return home, we take care of the details, fix problems when they come up and act as your advocate if something happens.

What is a VIP Vacation?

It’s a vacation that is inspired by your purpose.  We start with the experience you are seeking and learn about your likes and dislikes. We want to know what inspires you, what your tastes are, what your interests and hobbies are.  We also want to know a little about your life and work, so we can create an experience that enriches your life while taking a break from the stresses of life.

Why we do what we do?

I created Concierge and VIP Travel because I was seeing more inquiries into vacations that were focused on price rather than the product or type.  More often I had new clients planning vacations that were not the best option and usually, they were spending more money, despite their effort to find the best price.

The other problem I was seeing is the segmentation in the travel industry which meant one vacation had several companies involved which meant there wasn’t one cohesive plan that fit together into one vacation.

I wanted to create experiences through vacations that were designed around their needs.  I wanted the process to be easy for them and stress-free by taking care of everything needed for their vacation.

Why subscribe to our mailing list?

Since we aren’t your typical travel company, we are not going to bombard you with deals and pre-designed vacation offers.  We do offer promotions at times that are exclusive and feel they are unique or offer something unusual but more than that we offer tips and ideas that help you with daily life.

From managing the holidays and Thanksgiving Dessert contest (with prizes) to crafts and project that are fun to do with kids and of course travel.  It may be a promotion or a destination spotlight or inside information how to get the best deal by planning your trip at the right time.

Our offer

The first 50 people who subscribe to our mailing list will receive a free vacation review.  This means any vacation you have booked or in the process of booking, anywhere, with any company, we will review your itinerary to ensure you are getting the best value and you are getting what you need and not what you don’t need.

This review has no strings, no gimmicks and we won’t solicit your business by trying to beat the price you have.  If we find something lower, we will give you the information in writing, so you can bring it to the company you booked with.  

How to get our offer

If you are interested in this offer, once you subscribe to our mailing list, email us and let us know what type of vacation you have booked, how long ago have you booked and when you are traveling.   We will get back to you with the information we need within 3 business days.  

Please let us know if you booked your vacation within the past 7 days or less by marking urgent in the subject line and we will get back to you within 24 hours.  The reason for the urgency is,  changes to insurance can be made during this time frame or can be added on to increase coverage if you declined to purchase it.









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