When you shift the focus of a vacation to experience it is much easier to narrow down what to do and begin the fun, planning it.

There is a completely different feeling you have when you are looking for a vacation versus what sort of experience you want to have.  That simple word change, a vacation to an experience, puts everything into place.

Try it yourself when you are making any decisions that are experience based versus buying a material item.  Going out to eat is an easy example.  Most people will decide on a restaurant because it's convenient or their "go to" place.  Or they decide they want a specific type of food or a moderate priced restaurant.  Dining out is very much an experience, as much or more than the dining part.  Next time you are deciding where to eat, stop for a few minutes and think about the experience you want versus the food.  


A Mindful vacation is the same idea.  Instead of looking at where to go or deciding between one resort or cruise over the other, instead think about the experience you want.  
It is a new concept for travelers, especially since a point and click gives you access to 100’s of vacation choices.  More and more people are searching vacations based on specific criteria similar to how you would shop for a new dishwasher. 

The similarity is the decision to buy the dishwasher and go on vacation is made.  With a certain set of criteria in mind, the search becomes based on price, ease of getting the product or booking the vacation and does it meet the general needs.  

If you are buying a dishwasher, this works but since a vacation is an experience it's, it disregards all the intangible things we want in an experience.  

Since it is such a new way of thinking, we often have clients write a review of their vacation beforehand.  Another way we do this is to ask the client what would be their perfect ideal vacation, forget money or even if it’s possible, it’s all imagery.  In that perfect world description, the key points and ideas stand out and from there it is a matter of customizing the trip with these features or as many as possible.


Think of it as drilling down from the general to the specific.  First, you start with the basics such as when you want to go.  Do you want warm weather, beaches, options to do different things every day or limited choices? 
Next, in your perfect world what would the image be?  Maybe you want to be in a luxury mansion with a butler, chef, tour guide to suggest things to do.  You may want to include an enriching or educational activity or learn a new skill. You may want family time and activities that would appeal to everyone and these activities would be something new for everyone.  

In sales, we are taught not to talk about the budget.  It's a way to stay focused on the value, product, and experience versus money. The services we provide are less about selling a specific item and more about creating an experience.  We are not "sales people" any more than a personal trainer would be or a therapist.  


Talking about a budget to a client may also illicit a response based on lack of trust. Unfortunately, some people think that they will be taken advantage of and are afraid they will spend more for something just to match their price range.  

There is a middle ground here but the reality is the perfect vacation may be $10,000.00 for two people but they only are able to spend $5,000.00.  It does no good to ignore price and present or look at things that are out of the scope of possibility.  

Using budget is just one of the factors to be considered and it isn't one that we base our planning entirely on.  

Communication is key.  Be open and honest about your expectations.  Be clear what you want and what is important.  If you had an experience in the past that was great or awful let the agent know about it.  All the information you give helps create a picture of who you are and how to create the best experience.
Let the agent do their job. Trust the agent to do the research and find something that you will enjoy.  If they don’t get it right the first time, be honest about what you don’t or do like. 


There are so many things that can be beyond our control and can ruin a trip if we let it.  Maybe the weather isn’t what you hoped or you waited in line forever to book a tour.  We want things perfect but perfection is perspective.  Be flexible and keep your eye on the big picture, you are on vacation!

Research the area you are going or the resort or cruise ship.  
An agent will try to make sure you have all the information you need but sometimes an unusual situation comes up and you aren’t prepared.  Asking questions is important and an agent should welcome them.  Reading the FAQ’s on the site of the cruise line or resort could prompt a question that you have but never thought of.


This is a time that we dedicate to having fun or relaxing or doing something we enjoy or want to experience.  Have fun planning it, get excited, talk about the things you will do and let your agent take care of the details. 

At Concierge and VIP travel our goal is to create the best experience possible and that means letting us take care of as much as possible.  Don’t worry if you have too many questions, we love questions.  Don’t worry that you are bothering us.  The more you ask of us, the better job we can do.  

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