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Doodle Art-How to and where to buy supplies

There is no real set of rules for doodling except to enjoy it but I have found different methods that can be used to create art, study, meditate and increase creativity. 

All of the doodle pictures here, except the flowers on black paper, I created with Sharpies, mostly black, fine tip but some color sharpies as well.  

I love the fine tip one because if you make a mistake or something doesn't look good, it's super easy to correct.

I have compared prices everywhere, seems like everywhere and by far the best prices for supplies are at Blick.

Sharpies can be expensive if you are using them every day and depending on where you buy them, they are a little under $2.00 for one sharpie.  They are cheaper if you buy a pack of them but the best value is a pack of 36, through Blick materials.  The price there is $23.00, a huge bargain! That's about 70% off the regular price.


Use the affiliate links to get the best deals, including free shipping, based on the amount of your purchase, $35.00 is the current offer.



The ones at the top of the page are using different types of shading.  
Usually, I use Primsacolor brand, colored pencils.  Depending on the paper, different brands and types blend differently.

I prefer Canson mixed media and I use Blick mixed media as well.  Blick is a little less money and since I do these more for the fun of doing them, Blick works fine.

I have the Scholar (less expensive) and the Premier, a little more expensive however the Scholar works as well for me.  They glide on smoother.  


















For blending, I use the colorless pencil and sometimes a Q-tip with a little baby oil.  I didn't have anything to blend the pencils and thought a Q-tip may work, after trying several others methods, I found around the house.

I don't know what made me try to baby oil but I like the effect it gives it.  




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