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Does anyone else end up paying too much for something because you get comfortable?   


I must be in the dark ages with cable after seeing what Hulu offers and the price!

I love the idea of being able to watch several seasons of shows, no commercials and pick what I want to watch when I want to.  For $11.99 a month, less if you are okay with limited commercials, this is much lower than cable.  Am I one of the only ones that still have cable?  

If you aren't sure what Hulu is, use the link here to see everything they offer, including live t.v.​​

Looking for something good to read? 

Paralysis, by Michael Knapp 

A page-turner, one of those books you can't put down.



Life is changing for Jed Waters. He is losing his girlfriend, there are rumors that he is losing his job, and he fears that he might be losing his mind. Jed begins to experience vivid dreams and nightmares with bouts of sleep paralysis, accompanied by the appearance of a dark entity that reminds him of long forgotten events from his childhood. Jed’s dreams start to coincide with the deaths of people around him, and also begin to leach into his waking world. 
Jed must reach out to those around him and dig into buried events from his past to determine if he is indeed losing his mind, or if there is something more sinister at work. The difference between the two could mean the difference between Jed saving just himself, or all of humanity, from being lost forever.

Mary Ting, award-winning Author's Crossroads saga in one complete set.  

Mary Ting, my client, mentioned to me that she was writing a book, I mentioned that I had always wanted to write one also.  I had no idea she would grow into such a well read and well respect author.  

This is where it all started, Crossroads, the complete saga.  




International Bestselling/Award Winning Author Mary Ting/M. Clarke resides in Southern California with her husband and two children. She enjoys oil painting and making jewelry. Writing her first novel, Crossroads Saga, happened by chance. It was a way to grieve the death of her beloved grandmother, and inspired by a dream she once had as a young girl. When she started reading new adult novels, she fell in love with the genre. It was the reason she had to write one-Something Great. She also toured with Magic Johnson Foundation to promote literacy and her children's chapter book-No Bullies Allowed.