To sum up what Concierge and VIP Travel is, in the traditional way would mean the essence of who we are and why I started this company would be missed. It is the traditional way of doing business and how this is progressing that motivated me to start this company, after so many years in the industry.


My goal is to create a platform and place where the “new tradition” is tossed out and instead, we go back to the foundation of service from the old days, the days that a business valued their customers, not as dollar signs but as people.  When booking a vacation started with what the client wanted to experience and from there, customize the vacation around that experience. 


In our fast-paced, stressful lives, we need our vacations more than ever.  Our technology is advancing faster than we can keep up with and the tools we use to help simplify life seems to do the opposite, we are busier and more stressed out than ever.  


A vacation is a time we can step back, relax, gain perspective, improve our health and create deeper relationships.  We are more productive and creative after vacations and the benefits start before the departure and through memories, last forever. 


My belief in this is the reason I have stayed in this industry so many years.  It is also the motivation for this company.    I was seeing a new wave of travelers who were stressed out, overwhelmed and confused by doing their own research and planning.  They were so focused on saving money that they usually didn't realize they were spending more in the long run and worse, they were taking a vacation that wasn't providing for their needs and the experience they wanted.


Our ultimate quest in life is to be happy and a vacation is one of the things we do to be happy.  


Our vision is to plan, manage and book vacations that enhance our lives.  

Some of us wait all year for our vacations, counting the months, weeks and finally the days.


We invest money into our vacations but more important, we invest our time.  We want to invest in things that either increase in value or that we enjoy or benefit from, equal to the investment.  


When we vacation, we invest in memories and experiences which are the intangible things that are hard to put a price tag on. 


What would you pay to spend a week with your family, away from the day to day demands and together experience something new that you bring home?

What would you pay to see your child meet their father for the first time and see them together bonding? 


What would you pay to go from sick, tired and lacking passion to a new perspective on life and being infused with a new spark?



We build relationships with our clients and through these relationships, we know what is going on in their lives, what is important, what matters and what they need. 


When a client calls us to plan a short getaway without their kids, we know what they are really saying is, help, they need a break.


We would plan a completely different vacation than if someone called asking for a cruise or resort.  

Vacations are all about the experience and through experiences we improve our lives.  

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The best Vacations are Inspired by your Purpose

We believe you deserve the best experience before, during and after your vacation and provide complimentary concierge service to give you the best.  We are your one call, one vacation experience creators. 


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