To understand who we are and what we do, the best place to start is Why.  The "Why" defines the values and beliefs and sets the tone for the company and the customer.  


As the creator of Concierge and VIP Travel, I wanted to do the work that I felt motivated to do and feel a sense of gratification which means I want to enjoy my job and work.   I know the value a vacation has and helping others plan and experience something that can provide so much value in their lives has always been rewarding.  Building relationships with my clients, many over 30 years is the other part of my work I love.

The wh




Concierge and VIP Travel was created based on my personal beliefs about Vacations, their value and level of service everyone should receive, regardless of where they spend their money and growing trend 






Concierge and VIP Travel was created based on my personal beliefs about travel and service 


My motivation for entering this industry over 30 years ago came after I took my first cruise as an adult.  I fell in love with cruising and wanted to share my experiences with the world, help others take a vacation that would impact their lives as it did mine and take more cruises and vacations at the same time.


The same passion and excitement that first motivated my entering the industry has not lessened and in fact, over the years I am more passionate than ever, only now my passion is to change the way vacations are planned and booked.  


Over the years, especially with the ability to book travel online, more people are deciding on a vacation and where to book the same way they would purchase an appliance or any material item.  


I was receiving more requests from potential clients that had made a decision what they wanted, all the details and were only interested in the cheapest price.  Most of the time they were picking a product or even room type on a cruise that wasn't the right option for them.  I had talked to clients that were exhausted by their research and when they eventually booked their trip, they sounded like it was scheduling a tooth extraction, not a vacation they worked hard for and should be excited about. participates in affiliate programs, a way for websites to generate additional income and provide information and links to products and services we find helpful. By clicking on our affiliate links and purchasing the product or service we earn commission or fees.  

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The best Vacations are Inspired by your Purpose

We believe you deserve the best experience before, during and after your vacation and provide complimentary concierge service to give you the best.  We are your one call, one vacation experience creators. 


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