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Travel and Life, What is the connection?

The foundation:

I started in this business years ago when I went on a cruise, alone, as an adult. I loved every minute of this vacation and all I wanted to do was tell the world so they could take a cruise and I wanted to work on a ship. I didn't get the job on the ship but I did bore everyone to death I am sure, recapping every day on my vacation in detail, with pictures.

I went to travel school and entered the industry, several decades ago and luckily I still love helping others experience amazing vacations.

My other interest is the things we don't understand and can't answer. Even as a kid I would nag my parents, why are we here, is their heaven and if they did answer, I would follow up on how do you know. Frustrated by the lack of answers and almost disbelief wondering why nobody else seemed to want to know these things, I stopped asking.

In high school, I went to a private boarding school that was very progressive and non-traditional and perfectly matched to my interests. We grew our vegetables in our organic garden which was also one of my science classes and credits and they taught us about meditation, reflexology, and mind over matter. This was in the late 70's so very out there, even meditation. Along with all of these new ideas, we were divided into small groups twice a week and we didn't seem to have an agenda but it was more of an open conversation. My group was led by the headmaster's wife and Eric, who taught organic gardening and eastern religions.

The mind and it's ability to change life:

One day the topic of positive thinking came up and I was in awe of the idea of changing things in life just by thinking it. It wasn't thinking positive but they taught that by thinking and believing in something, you could change your circumstances and even heal yourself from illness.

My biggest concern at that time was my dorm room key, which I lost so many times I couldn't get another one. They told me what to do, imagine finding it, feel how I would feel and do it in a relaxed way. When I was finished I would find the key and I did!

It's possible I found it because my subconscious knew where it was but I preferred to think it was this magic of the mind.

Over the years I have read 100's of books, taken classes and attended seminars about our mind, spirituality and why we are here. It's as if I have been on a quest and after years of my own research, it comes down to we are all looking for happiness.

Connecting travel, the mind and happiness.

Travel is one of the ways we can be happy and it can enhance our lives but over the years I have seen a change in how people book and plan their travel and often booking something that is not what they are really wanting. This was and is my inspiration for Concierge and VIP Travel.

My curiosity has only increased over the years and I have questioned why people do what they do. Why are some people successful despite circumstances and why are some people happy and others not.

I love observing things and people and coming up with similarities and to analyze things and this leads me to answers but more questions at the same time.

The two passions I have are connected, when you consider we are all seeking happiness and travel is one of the ways we obtain it.

This area, VIP Life is the other stuff.

Hopefully, it will awaken in others ideas that can help them on their path and some will share their own experiences and knowledge and everyone, I included, can use this to help their own life's course.

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