The Art of Vacations

The science behind the benefits of vacations.

The benefits of a vacation are often overlooked or maybe people aren't aware of how important they can be. 


When someone takes a vacation, they are not only investing their money but their time, which is not refundable.  Since most vacations include travel, whether by plane, ship, car or train and include lodging of some sort, we are also entrusting our safety and family’s safety with each aspect of our vacation.

We take this responsibility very seriously at Concierge and VIP Travel and it’s why we only work with companies that have been vetted and have a track record of safety and quality plus established relationships with us in the event of a mishap. 

To ensure the best possible experience there are things that can be done which will enhance the experience and lower any potential impact unforeseen circumstances can have.

The Art of the Vacation will be an ongoing series of articles and references that will highlight an aspect of the vacation plus provide information on the science behind what we believe.


The best place to start is at the beginning and that is the impact a vacation can have on our health.  Our Science of vacation and Psychology of vacation page will share some of the studies that have been done over the years that offer proof a vacation can impact your health.

Upcoming Articles

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  • Steps to take to make sure you are prepared for the unpredictable


  • Get the most out of your time during your vacation


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