•  Plan in advance and confirm as many details as possible.


  •  Have a list of everything you need to do and have, including:     

        Items for your vacation (documents, visas, packing lists)

        At home, forward  mail, stop deliveries, pay bills, find someone to take care of pets

        At work, letting coworkers and clients know you will be out to avoid urgent last-minute requests

        Medical, make sure you have prescriptions filled and enough to last during and a few days after 


  •   Research your destination to make sure you don’t miss anything


  •  Complete any online check in or registrations.   


  •   Plan for your return, get as much done in advance to so you aren’t overwhelmed when you return.



There is something about human nature that we look at things in the future, they seem to remain in the future.  The best example is the holiday season and Christmas time.  Some people are organized and by the time the holiday’s roll around they are nearly finished with the gift buying and wrapping but the majority aren’t.  


The retail market knows this and counts on this and plans for the last-minute rush.  If you think about it, Christmas falls on the same day every year yet it always feels like it’s in the future and you have time until you realize all that time is now gone and the future is now.  

Vacations are very much the same way.  We need to prepare for work, get things done, clear our schedules and yet how many people can relate to that stressful day or two before you depart?  


The best way to reduce stress is to plan early, know what you are doing, have your vacation booked as soon as you can.  Have a timeline of things to get done before hand and even packing lists.  Schedule as much as possible in advance and include your return schedule.

Consider the time leading up to your vacation and the return as part of your entire experience.  
One of the services we provide is a check list and to do list for our clients and we send these at different intervals, leading up to the departure.

In our lists, we suggest things that are often forgotten about and we provide time lines to get things done.  We take care of the reminders and on the more complicated vacations, we offer tips and suggestions on how to make the most out of your time while you are away.

Knowing things are under control and you have taken care of everything means you leave stress-free and are primed to get more out of your time away.  Our tips, reminders, and suggestions for your return offer ways to ease back into your routine without the overwhelming amount things that are waiting for you.


With planning, you have time to research the area you are going to.  We try to include suggestions of what to see and do, however, by doing your own research you may find something that specifically appeals to your interest versus the area’s traditional things to do and see.  The more you know the better you ensure you get the most out of your vacation.  

Look at your resort or package and understand what is included and not included.  Go to their website if possible and note any questions to review with your agent.  Be informed and ask questions.  The more questions you have and ask the less risk of surprises later.  


Most companies offer some type of check in or ability to view your details on line.  We suggest clients do this as soon as they confirm their reservations.  This review early on will ensure there are no mistakes in name spelling, dates or type of accommodations.  



Most people forget about this because they are so rushed and overwhelmed, they are more worried about getting things done before they leave.  To return home and be faced with an overwhelming number of things to do can diminish the benefits that your vacation provides.  


When our clients book far enough in advance, we set up reminders of specific things to focus on and complete so the planning isn’t overwhelming.  Many of the things listed here are not able to be completed 6 months or longer in advance so by allowing us to manage your timeline, you can sit back and relax.  

Reducing stress before and after your vacation

We consider your vacation starts when you begin to plan and ends when you return home.
By reducing the stress before and after your vacation, you enhance the benefits and fun.

Ways to reduce stress before and after vacation

Planning in advance

Create lists and timelines

Research your destination

Complete online registration

Plan for your return

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