Your Caribbean Vacation doesn't just provide an amazing experience, it also helps the victims (including the animals) who have been affected by the recent hurricanes.


Natural disasters happen without regard to status, race, religion and can strike anywhere.  Losing your home and possessions from these disasters have an even greater emotional toll on those suffering, the feeling of helplessness and an overwhelming feeling of loss is unimaginable.  

The Islands of the Caribbean have been hit with such devastation, the job to rebuild is not only unrealistic, it’s impossible, without help.  The cruise lines, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Carnival and several others have been the first in to help.  From transporting residents, employees and stranded visitors to bringing supplies, they have made a huge impact and will continue to do so.

Organizations have received millions in donations from people all over and every little bit helps but many want to do more, make a greater impact and make a difference.

Concierge and VIP Travel’s mission and goals were to help others have experiences that enhanced their lives versus booking trips for clients.  As the founder, it is my belief that helping others sparks something in us that can only be experienced by giving without expecting anything in return.  Our goal is to offer experiences where our clients can give back or participate in some way as part of their experience.  

The islands that have been so damaged need our help and through tourism, we can help rebuild by being part of their number one industry.  

Concierge and VIP Travel, starting 10/20/17 will give back a portion of any Caribbean vacation or Cruise booked with us. Your business to the Caribbean helps and the money donated will add up to make a difference.  

When you book with us, you may select the organization you wish to help and our donation will be sent, in your name with a tax-deductible receipt*

Specific vendors and/or cruise lines may be offering promotions that donate a certain amount towards additional relief efforts.  

We will highlight and included these separately since they are specific to the vendor and line's policies, charities and may have conditions. 

Current offers
Reduced rate of $750 per suite to be donated directly to All Hands Volunteers

Charities and organizations we are in the process of partnering.


The list below includes partners that we trust and have been vetted.  Unless specified by a particular promotion, Concierge and VIP Travel will donate the portion of your vacation to one of the charities below.  If you have one you prefer not on this list, let us know and we will work to vet them and add to our list.

Team Rubicon unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams.

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.: Royal Caribbean was there helping with logistics, transportation, and supplies.  When you donate here, Royal Caribbean will match each donation, up to 1 million.  For information and the numbers on their relief efforts so far, visit:

All Hands Volunteers
: Dedicated to rebuilding communities impacted by natural disasters. A 501(c)3 non-profit relief organization, All Hands Volunteers offers proven experience reconstructing schools and critical infrastructure.

Humane Society International: Humane Society International works with local and international organizations to provide relief to animals and communities impacted by disasters occurring around the world


Royal Caribbean's Massive Effort in the News

Articles and information on how the cruise lines have jumped in and became the "First Responders" 

USA Today, sites the impact and effort made by Royal Caribbean and other lines after Hurricane Irma, including Carnival Cruise Line's announcement they will deliver supplies and the Norwegian's Sky planned the rescue of 2,000 vacationers who were not able to evacuate St. Thomas before the Hurricane. participates in affiliate programs, a way for websites to generate additional income and provide information and links to products and services we find helpful. By clicking on our affiliate links and purchasing the product or service we earn commission or fees.  

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