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Be Inspired

Sometimes the hardest part to planning a vacation is deciding where to go and what to do.  Be inspired by the experience first and let us take care of the details.

How to you plan your vacation?

Next time you’re planning a vacation try starting with what inspires you versus coming up with the type of vacation and where you go.  This can completely change the direction you would have gone or it could be the same idea but tweaked enough to give you a completely different experience.

When you are inspired by a picture or scene your imagination starts to fill in the blanks and before you know it, you have a picture and story of the ideal vacation.

How does it work?

It’s very easy to get caught up in your research and looking online for vacation ideas or details if you know what you want.  After a while, the things that are important or unique to you get lost and the focus is on a list of offers that are generic, created to appeal to the most people.
Read the different scenarios below and see if you notice the difference:

Typical planning:
1.    You start talking about your upcoming vacation and throw ideas out to each other.  What about a beach or a resort, maybe we should take a Caribbean cruise.  Let’s look online and see what’s available and the prices.

2.     You start talking about your upcoming vacation and start to throw ideas out like about except nothing is blowing you away.  You have done more than your share of the “go to” vacations and in your mind, they are pretty similar.

Instead of looking online at what’s available, prices and getting lost in the details you go for inspiration.  You look at pictures and you see an Over the Water Villa and dreamily wish you could do that.  Or you see pictures of a family taking a pasta making class in Italy and think how fun it would be.

Now when you start planning, it’s building on the picture you have, even if it’s tweaking some of the features of a vacation you have done in the past.
Another benefit of planning this way is future planning.  That Over the Water Villa you saw may not work for this vacation but now that you know it’s something you want, you can begin planning a future trip when the timing is right.

Planning, even if it’s only in your imagination right now, means it’s much more likely it will happen. 

Not sure where to look for inspiration?  Check out our gallery of vacations we have worked on for ideas.

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