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What services do we offer

Below is a list of our current services and options available to our clients.  We are always adjusted and adding services based on need and our clients feedback.  

If you would like some help with a trip or event and you don't see this listed, don't be shy, contact us.  

Your request may be the next best idea!

VIP Service
Vacations inspired by your purpose with concierge level service

This is our standard, complimentary service* that offers the best experience and best value.  We start with You, what you want, like and need most in a vacation and from there we create a package that meets your interest.


This is for clients who know what they want and need less guidance on what type of package or vacation they would like to book.  If you are booking a Traditional Service, we are happy to provide the same services however we ask you to advise us in advance what you would like to include.

What’s included in your package?

  • Researching to find the best value and product

  • Taking care of all the components and additional services that are needed for a complete package **

  • Maintain the integrity of the package by ensuring each part fits and matches up to each aspect, including arrival times, transportation and so on.***

  • Based on your individual needs/interests, offer suggestions and options for tours or other services that may enhance your vacation

  • Complete any online check-in and registration when applicable (you may be required to agree to terms online)

  • Manage payment dates, timelines and remind you if something is pending on your side.

  • Work on your behalf to arrange special services, VIP upgrades (when available) and act as your advocate if any problems occur or changes that impact your vacation.

More information on the included services, see our VIP Services page

*There are situations where service fees may be added on however these are discussed prior to your booking or planning.  If you do want our help with additional services and we have completed the research and sent you a proposal and/or option and you choose to book elsewhere, a service fee may be applicable.

** It is our pleasure to work on every aspect of your vacation, however, requests that are received within 30 days or your final payment are on a request based only. 

***If you arrange for services on your own, any problem or misconnection related to those services would not be covered or managed by Concierge and VIP Travel.  In addition, any impact that service/product has on an item confirmed with us would be your own responsibility.

Consultation, itinerary planning, and travel on your own:

Based on years of experience, the best vacations for the best value is using our VIP service however we recognize everyone doesn’t need the additional service and some people enjoy doing their own research and trip planning.

If you’re planning your own travel and need some help with the logistics, routing, ideas or a “blueprint” to work off of, we offer consultations based on availability.  Our fees are based on the length of the trip, the complexity and components needed.  In some cases, the fee or portion of the fee may be used towards trip payment if you decide to use our services for booking.

If you’re interested in this service, call 1877-36-I-TRAVEL to get exact pricing.

Travel on your own, airline tickets only, corporate travel, etc.

For those that like to do their own research and planning or need to make simple arrangements like an airline ticket, our affiliate site offers a wide range of options at competitive prices.


Wholesale, limited inventory on cruises: 

This is a new program offering below market prices and/or availability on sold out cruises through a network of other travel companies.  It is designed offer the best value to our clients who know exactly what they want and have a specific cruise in mind.  Because this program offers the lowest possible price, often below market, additional services aren't included.  Booking/service fees may be added on to your reservation however the combined total will be less than current market.

We are unable to advertise these offers in adherence to most cruise line's pricing policy but hope to in the future.  Please contact us if you are interested in this service for specific offers and pricing.


Trip audit and management

When travel is booked with more than one company, things fall through the cracks and sometimes that can result out of pocket expenses and denied boarding.  If you booked your vacation through one or more other companies, contact us to see if this service would be a benefit to you.


If you are interested in our services use the form below to schedule your complimentary consultation

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