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Over the course of my career, over 38 years of it, I’ve been lucky enough to help others experience the world. 
I’ve worked with clients from all over the U.S., Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, several Middle Eastern Countries and worked with many of the embassies in Washington D.C., arranging travel for the staff and several ambassadors. 


I’ve worked with heads of state, royal families, heads of companies and heads of households!  Regardless of where someone is from or what they do, they all want the same thing, a memorable experience that is comfortable, safe, and allows them to get as much from their time as possible.

I’ve booked my clients on cruises that sail on every ocean and most rivers.  I’ve booked honeymoons in Hawaii, Tahiti, Europe, and all over the Caribbean.  From African Safaris to the end of the earth, the South Pole, Antarctica and every place in between. 
I get to know and work closely with the most awesome people, all ages, religions, genders, geographic locations and demographics.  I have the opportunity to tap into their experience, their life’s history and get to know them better than some of my family members!  

I learn through them, I’m inspired by them and I’m different because of them.  I’m also able to see the world and experience it through their eyes and their unique perspective.  The value I gain is unmeasurable and I’m able to share this with other clients and those in my personal life.

There is one client or-rather one couple-Susan and Bill,  who haven’t only traveled the world but they’ve documented it, through pictures.

My career may be to help others experience the world but Bill and Susan’s “career” is to see the world and show it to others.

Bill, who takes care of the photos, loading them in and documenting their trips have been overwhelmingly generous in allowing Concierge and VIP Travel to share these photos here with all of you.

With such an abundance of information and their picture tour of the world, it deserves its own section and title, Minters Travels!


The first voyage we are highlighting is their Antarctica trip we booked for them about 5 years ago.  

The Minters have been generous in sharing their pictures and feedback.  To read more, click on the interview link below:

 Antarctica Interview with the Minters


A little "teaser", a few of the pictures Bill and Susan have from their Antarctica Cruise

Susan and Bill

Susan and Bill -first thing first!
Antartica Wildlife
Crabeater Seal on Deception Island.jpg
Paradise Bay Antartica Cruise

The beauty and nature of Antartic are overwhelming.  A continent untouched by the advancement of man.  


This once in a lifetime experience should be on everyone's "to do" list.


These expedition cruises are totally unique and offer an intimate and all-inclusive experience.  Most ships hold 100 passengers are less and some, like Celebrity's Xploration holds only 16 guests.

Contact us at 1877-36-I-TRAVEL or email for more information










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