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World Cruise, how much does it really cost?

Have you ever wondered about a world cruise but thought it was only for the very rich and retired?

Think again.  


 With the popularity of working remotely, combining a cruise vacation and work is not only doable it is becoming very popular.

Considering most of the cruises that offer a world cruise option are nearly sold out for 2023, this could be the next new “thing” in travel.

Before you get sticker shock, you are looking at more than 4 months of travel, you need to carefully calculate what you receive on board and what you save in monthly expenses while you’re away.  



Take a Viking Cruises World Cruise-leaving December 2023 for 138 days. Although there is limited availability, there are still a few categories open.

Starting with their minimum Verandah stateroom, the price, including taxes and fees is $60,000 per person. 

I know it seems, at first glance, it seems way too expensive for the average person but you have to calculate what’s included as well as what you would be saving on monthly expenses.  


Calculating true cost, deduct what you're saving

1- Replacing annual or semiannual vacations

 First, if you take one or two vacations a year, this would replace two and maybe three or more. After all, you’re going around the world! If you spend approximately $5000 per person (total including money spend during the trip), you’re saving between $10,000 to $15,000 on two of the trips and maybe $20,000 if this replaces 3 vacations. 


2- At home savings

You’ll save just over 3 months of utilities (gas, electric, water) $370.00 per month

 You’ll save just over 3 months of gas for your car (plus parking and tolls if applicable) $150.00 per car/person per month

 You’ll save just over 3 months of groceries, dining out, and entertainment $500.00 per person per month

 You’ll save just over 3 months on paper goods, cleaning supplies, and miscellaneous items $100.00 per month

 $370 X 3 = $1110 /2 $555.00 per person.  

 $150 X 3 = $450.00 per person

 $500 X 3 = $1500.00 per person

 $100 X 3 = $300 / 2 $150.00 per person


 $2655.00 per person. I think most people spend far more than this on daily life over a three-month period but we’ll stay conservative. Replacing 3 vacations at $5000 per person makes the savings just under $18,000.00 at $17,655.00


 If you deduct this from the total using Viking as an example, you’re left with a real cost of $42,343.00 per person or just over $300 per person per day. Since most world cruises include tips, beverage, and dining packages plus free business class air with transfers and medical services and some offer free tours and extra onboard credit, it’s a much better value than most people imagine.  


Getting creative

Since most world cruises fill up so quickly, booking two years in advance is realistic, giving you more time to budget and plan. Be creative and consider potential ways to earn income from your trip.  

  •  Maybe you could keep a log and write a travel guide afterward

  •  Publish the world in pictures

  •  Create a Youtube account and monetize it and post your experiences and teach others about each destination.

  •  Create a news/world view channel focusing on the people who live in the different areas with interviews, infrastructure, government, schools/and healthcare.  

  • Rent your home out or list it as an Airbnb


 Is it a cheap way to travel? No, but it is one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences that may not be as out of reach as you would think.  

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