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Mindful Vacation:
Better Experience and more value

What is your recipe?

Why settle for a cookie cutter vacation when you can have one of our concierge planners design one around you.  It's your vacation, shouldn't it be your recipe?

cooking cutter same thing
cookies that are made for you

We aren't your typical travel company and our website isn't your typical site. 

We do not list 100's of tours or cruises with prices for a reason, we would rather take the time to understand who you are and what is important to you and with your details design a trip around YOU.


We know your time and money is valuable so we save you on both by doing the research, putting everything together for you, in one complete package.  We add tours, dining, transportation as well as other features into one package so you don't have to worry about anything or look anywhere else.  


We are your One Place, One Person approach to booking your vacation.



We customize each vacation plus provide complimentary concierge service 



The ability to be aware and present in the moment.


Introducing Mindful Vacations

A Mindful Vacation is a customized vacation that is centered around what is most important and the ultimate purpose of the vacation.

Our world is filled with distractions and being focused and aware is becoming a skill that needs to be learned.  This is the reason Mindfulness is growing in popularity and why it is being incorporated in everything from Elementary schools to large companies, including Google.  

Over the years, the increase in travel options and sites online to book travel, read reviews have shifted the focus from the purpose of the vacation to the what is best marketed and then priced.  

Although information is important, sometimes it's overwhelming and reviews are valuable but subjective. 

More and more people are booking their vacations without first understanding what the purpose is.  This means less value for the money and worse, our expectations have been lowered and the benefits are reduced.

With our Mindful Vacation Approach, we first start at the purpose and from there build and customize a vacation that meets your individual needs. 

   An Experience

  • Changes who we are

  • Changes perspective

  • Inspires us

  • Strengthens bonds

  • Lives on in memories

  • Teaches us 

Experience VS Material item

There is a world of difference between an experience and a material item.  Shouldn't the way we purchase both be just as different?

 Material possessions

  • Break or become obsolete​

  • Get out of style​

  • There is always a better version​

  • Need to be replaced​

  • Lose value​

  • Fosters the need for more mindset​​


The studies may show that a purchase for an experience is more valuable than a purchase for a material item, as noted in our psychology of vacations but most of us know this by reflecting on our lives.

When we think of important occasions, moments that impacted us and moments that changed us they were around an event or experience, not a purchase.

A vacation is another word for experience and therefore our method is to take that approach, start with an experience our client wants.

A Mindful Vacation starts with your purpose and customizes your vacation experience to match


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