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What makes VIP Vacation?

Concierge and VIP Travel works with three goals for each vacation we plan.


1.    The vacation is uniquely designed to meet the individual’s needs and wants.

2.    Our clients feel valued and appreciated and important

3.    Our clients feel the price they paid was less than the value they received.

To achieve these goals, we depend on our clients to help us by doing the following:


1.    Be clear in communicating what is important and what type of experience they are looking for.     

This can be challenging, especially when a client has done their own planning in the past.  When using the internet to shop and plan, the majority of sites advertise based on price.  It’s easy to lose sight of what you want or what’s important and get caught up in the hunt for the best deal.

To help our clients focus on what they want most we suggest writing a review of their vacation before they go.  Questions like, What was the best day of your vacation or What was the one thing you enjoyed the most, changes the focus back to you and what’s important.

Another method we use is to have our clients imagine the ideal vacation without worrying about if it’s possible or affordable.  This gives us more insight into the wishes and dreams of our clients and helps us find ways to match or come close to providing these.

2.    Our clients trust us and believe our goals

It’s much easier to relax and enjoy the process when you trust your vacation is being planned by someone who understands what you want and who works hard to save you money when possible.

In a world driven by price, it’s hard to believe someone is trying to save you money but believing this and trusting who you are working with eliminates the stress and time spent researching and worrying.  When you consider an agency makes a percent of the sale, from zero (on most airline tickets) to an average of 12% to 15% on tours and cruises, saving a client $500 versus getting an extra $75 makes sense for example.  That is the high average and doesn’t include any split they may have or overhead and expenses.

3.     Our clients ask questions and communicate openly with us.

It’s important for our clients to feel comfortable to ask questions and communicate with us if they are unhappy with any part of the process. This is especially true during and after their vacation.  If something isn’t right or not what you expected while you are away, letting us know at the time gives us the opportunity to make things right.

This applies to the return as well.  Things happen that are beyond anyone’s control, like weather but sometimes things happen because of an oversight or mistake.  We have been able to get thousands in compensation for our clients when something goes wrong and it’s our pleasure to do so.  Hearing back from our clients after they return helps us to get compensation, vouchers or a future credit even when it’s not expected or asked for.

For examples of real vacation experiences with real clients, read our vacation examples in our ABC’s of Travel section

For us to do the best for you, we need you to help us help you get the best vacation.

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