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VIP Vacation

This is Concierge and VIP Travel’s foundation, to create and build experiences around each client's individual needs, interests, and purpose. Alongside this we offer concierge service so our clients get more out of their vacation, starting with the planning process until our clients return home.

We don't charge extra for this service because service should cost extra*

What to Expect?

We start by getting know our clients, their interests, hobbies, and their lifestyle.  The more we know who our client is the better we can find and arrange the little details or experiences they may not have thought of or knew existed. 

This is a natural process that comes from building and maintaining long-term relationships however with newer clients we start with an initial conversation going over these details. 

The next stage is to understand the purpose of the vacation.  Sometimes it is easy, the purpose is to see someplace specific and we create a package that gives them the best value and experience.

Other times a client may not have a specific destination in mind other than picking something they saw advertised or it’s something they’ve done in the past.  In these cases, we try to move our clients away from thinking about a specific type or destination and focus on what they want to experience and what they need in the vacation.

What we are really trying to do is have our clients write a story and they are in the staring roles.  We take their story and produce, direct, design the stage, costumes, and hire the extras. 

Our concierge service rounds everything out by freeing our clients up from dealing with all the details, coordinating all the parts of the package and being the one and only point of contact.

Every client and every trip may not need or want this level of service but it is offered complimentary with our VIP packages.

What is included?


  • We manage every aspect of your vacation from pre-departure to your return.​

  • This includes deadlines for payments, tours or anything that is time sensitive we manage for you, either taking care of everything or reminding you when it’s something you need to do.​

  • We evaluate every aspect of your vacation and make sure the “big picture” fits together and complements each part. ​

  • Arranging for transportation from the airport at your destination to the next leg of your trip.  

  • We make sure your flight arrival time meets the criteria of your transfer company and in the event of delays, we have plans in place for that also.​

  • If you are delayed, we work with you to make sure you are compensated when applicable, protected on another airline if needed and alert the vendor, hotel or cruise line of your delay.  We keep in touch with you and make sure alerts are given and make arrangements for you when needed. *​

  • We maintain the integrity of your vacation and our promise to you.  

  • This means you can expect a consistent level of service and product throughout your vacation.  We won’t arrange a VIP package and leave you to an unreliable transfer company or no transfers at all.  When options are available for multilevel services, we will work with you to make sure what’s most important to you is arranged in the easiest, most comfortable way.

  • If you have any physical limitations, we make sure we have provided assistance at every point in your vacation whenever possible. We also make suggestions to make you more comfortable, things you may not have thought about.  If you have allergies or any other special needs, we take care of advising your hotel, cruise, and airline so you can relax. **

  • We manage your trip, keep you updated and remind you if something is pending that you need to take care of.  We make sure each component of your vacation fits together and if there is a glitch or delay with one component, your flight is delayed, for example, we work to get your protected on the next available flight or get compensation if applicable.  We also work with the vendor or cruise at your arrival destination making arrangements, so you don’t have to.​

  • We make sure you're protected with the right travel insurance/protection even if it means referring you to another company.  

  • We make sure you have received the best value and continue to monitor your vacation to see if there are other benefits, price reductions or perks we can add on.

In a “nutshell”, you tell us your dreams and wishes along with the details and we make it happen, as close to your wishes as possible.


Everything needed is taken care of and except for agreeing to your ticket contract or terms and conditions and making some decisions such as tours/dining and so on, leaving you with only one thing to do.get excited.

When you may be charged a fee:

1.     When we access private or exclusive pricing and perk programs.

As a member of certain associations and consortiums, we have access to unpublished and contracted rates with most major airlines. We also have special perks and added value features with hotels as well as tour companies, destination management companies and those offering special services.  
In order to maintain access to the vendors, private prices, and perks, we are required to charge services fees on airline tickets and select services and hotels.

 The service fees will be advised upfront or at the time of securing the service.  

2.      Airline tickets publicly advertised and available for purchase.  

In some cases, when we use published airfare or book flights directly on the airline’s site, we charge a ticketing fee, from $50 to $100 per person depending on the schedule and the number of tickets and sites we use.
To avoid the fee, we will assist you in finding the lowest price and best schedule and send you the details so you can purchase the tickets directly on the airline’s site.

3.     FIT Travel (Free Independent Travel) 

This means you are traveling independently of a tour, cruise or pre-designed package.  If you are booking a detailed itinerary where you need hotels, airline tickets, car or transfers, tours, dining arrangements and other misc. details arranged and booked.  
The fees are based on the complexity of the vacation and the arrangements needed.  Contact us for a quote.

4.     Upfront fees and plan to go fees.

These are charged on a case by case basis, depending on the complexity of your vacation and the amount of time required to prepare a quote.  We may charge a fee if we have provided quotes in the past and you booked your vacation elsewhere.  In this case, a portion of your plan to go fee would be applicable to your vacation final payment and non-refundable if you decide not to book.

Why we charge this?

We work individually with each client, spending time understanding their needs and learning about who they are.  With that information, we do an exhaustive search to find the right product, service, and vendor that best meets their needs.  This requires sometimes days of research and reaching out to representatives in some cases, trying to get something extra or space when it was not available to the public.
We know that plans change, and things happen and when they happen in the middle of your vacation planning, usually the vacation is put off or on hold.  

We don’t want to penalize you or see you lose money however if this happens more than one time or the vacation required a significant amount of research, we may require the plan to go fee to be paid up front for your next vacation quote.

*Although we can't guarantee you compensation or a specific outcome, if a delay or schedule change happens, our knowledge and experience means you are getting what's fair and what you deserve.   

** For any physical limitations or special needs we must be advised in advance.  We make every effort to notify the appropriate companies and make special accommodations whenever possible.  Your comfort and health is our primary concern and suggest that you maintain vigilance during your vacation.

Call 1877-36-I-TRAVEL for more information or to schedule your complimentary consultation. 

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