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Your reality is based on



Success consists of going from failure to


failure without loss of enthusiasm.

— Winston Churchill

Life, it's about the ride, not arriving

What is a VIP Life?

Are we on the same journey?

We are given a vehicle, a heart to feel and a mind to explore and the rest is left to us to figure out with little clues along the way.

Fueled by



Vitality-Our Life


Your body is your vehicle and how you experience this journey


Driven by


Inspiration-Where we go

Everything we do, every move we make is from a point of inspiration.  Even the simplest act has a reason behind it.  The things we do that we love or feel required are all based on some inspiration, even if it's to find shelter or obtain the basic needs in life. 
We are driven to act by what we are inspired to do, have or achieve. 


Decorated by



      Passion-The picture of our life

We are fueled by life and driven by what inspires us but it’s the moments that make our heart sing and say wow that colors the picture of our life.

The magic of 3

3 is a magical number, and one of the three numbers, 3, 6, and 9, Tesla believed held the answers to the universe.

Throughout history, 3 has been part of mythology, religion, and science.  The number 3 has been used in popular sayings and phrases, three times a charm three strikes you're out plus our essence and who we are is three parts are aspects, mind, body and soul. 

Dissecting a problem into three levels usually provides a deeper understanding and a better solution.

When you begin to think in 3's magic happens and since we live in a 3 dimensional world, it makes sense.


Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.

Guillaume Apollinaire



What we all have in common, the desire and pursuit of happiness.  Everything we do can be drilled down to happiness at the present moment or future or for someone else’s happiness. 

The problem is happiness can’t be defined because it’s different for everyone and changes for us as our life evolves.  What made you happy as a child is different from what made you happy at 20 years or 30 years.  


That means happiness for one person could be shelter while someone else would say health and others money. 


These are not emotions though, they are things we can do or have that make us more comfortable and help us feel better but it’s not happiness. 


I believe happiness is a category of emotions that we need to feel and these exist within us.  We have the ability to feel joy, love, spiritually connected and all the other emotions possible that fall into this happiness category. 


This means happiness isn’t one state of being or perpetual bliss.  We won’t arrive at a happy and perfect life because it’s through contrast and growth we awaken most of our emotions that are in the good category.


When we stop holding the carrot of a “happy life” in front of us, we are able to appreciate the moments in each day that together make our lives “well lived”.


It’s the confusion between our emotions and feelings plus our physical state that throws us off and puts so many on a path to find something unobtainable. 


My theory is simple, recognize the difference between feelings and emotions and understand that action and external influences affect our feelings while our thinking and awareness affect our emotions.


II can't help feeling happy when I see this picture.  It's one of my favorite photos a client sent from one of the trips I helped plan. 


The smile (even if it's technically not a smile) is contagious and it reminds me that life isn't about the stuff we get or success we obtain.  It's about how we feel and perceive life to be.


It's the experiences we have that shape our world and we remember these by the emotion we felt.  


When we vacation, we have the opportunity to focus on creating experiences that become the emotional memories that shape our lives.

Yes, you can book your vacations on your own and for some people that's part of the fun for them



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