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Experience a moment

Vacations  Inspired by your Purpose. 

This means we start with learning about our clients, their interests, likes, wishes and who they are when they aren’t on vacation. 

Learning about our clients helps us provide the extras that would mean the most to them but may not be something they thought of.


The next step is understanding the purpose for their vacation or the experience they want to have.  We don’t do this by listing a menu of trips or cheap deals, trying to drive them to pick something that may or may not be what they want.  Instead, we encourage our clients to design their idea experience and forget about what’s possible or available.  That's our job, it’s up to us to find the best match.

Our clients create the story and they are the stars.  We are setting the stage, hire the extras and are their assistants making it all happen and right there if anything goes wrong.

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Our inspiration

Kids having fun

 Inspired by that memory we can all relate to when we were kids and summer break was approaching.

There was a sense of excitement and we were filled with those dreams of endless days of freedom.   Our memories aren’t about the details and probably most summers blended into each other yet the feeling we had stayed with us. 

It’s the feeling we remember and each time we do, we feel it emotionally instead of recalling the details.

Our foundation is built on this idea, creating those experiences that are remembered by the emotion felt. 


What makes a great vacation?

Mindful Vacations

Vacations designed around your purpose.

Our services


Knowing everything is taken care of means an overall better experience



Providing value, including special offers and promotions, exclusive prices and perks are important to us and what our clients expect, deserve and are accustomed to. 

What makes us different 

Decades of industry experience

In 1979, the founder of Concierge and VIP Travel went on a cruise vacation and found her calling, help others experience the type of vacations that were life changing.  In January 1980 her career in the travel industry started and through the same passion and desire to help others, she has continued working in the travel industry.  



Why we do what we do

What we do is based on our beliefs, that vacations can add value to our lives and our passion to create, plan, and manage vacations that enhance our lives.

                                                                                         Because it's personal

In a world that is becoming more impersonal and automated, we believe taking things personally isn’t something to be ashamed of or hide. 

We work closely with our clients and they become our friends and an extension of our family.  We have helped our clients book vacations when their kids were young and later planned their honeymoon and eventually book their vacations with their own families.  We’ve been a part of our clients lives over the years and it’s with pride to say we take things personally.

What Motivates us?

Each vacation experience is unique in some way, even if it is the same package or cruise we have booked before.  The excitement when we find a great deal or surprise a client with an upgrade or bonus after they booked, feels like the first time.

Because so many of our clients have been with us for decades, it is more like old friends or family.  


Why book your vacation with Concierge and VIP Travel?

We take our responsibility seriously and value the trust our clients have in us.

We understand that each client we work with and every vacation we plan and book means our clients are placing their trust in us.

They depend on us to make sure we recommend the best options and safest ones.  That we will be there if something goes wrong or they need anything.

We know that there are more options than can be counted for our clients to book their vacations and because they chose us we do everything in our power to make sure they are happy they did.  

We build relationships with our clients and get to know and understand who they are and what matters.  Our review page offers a few of the reviews and testimonials we have received over the years.   


There is a reason why our clients have been booking with us so long, some as long as 20 years.

They know we care about each vacation but most important we care about each person and believe our clients know this. 


The company name says it best, offering Concierge service booking Vacations of Value Inspired by your Purpose.







We are based in Maryland, outside the Washington D.C. area, however, our clients are not only throughout the U.S. but global as well.   We work with clients in virtually every time zone and can schedule a time that fits in your schedule.

To our clients who have been part of the family, thank you for your support and trust, you are the reason we are passionate and love what we do.

If you are new to our company or would like to set up a consultation, please contact us at 1877-36-I-TRAVEL or email us.

We care


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